St Anthony’s are currently looking at different methods of sourcing iPads for the 1:1 iPad program in 2017 to make it more cost effective for parents. iPad suppliers and distributors are currently waiting for their orders to be filled by Apple. Once we can ensure stock availability and source pricing we will be in a position to offer this to parents.

Digital Technologies

St Anthony’s School provides a 21st Century learning environment and we believe that technology should be integrated across all learning areas within every classroom. Each class has access to a bank of iPads, with a parent funded iPad program from Year Four onwards.

Digital Technology has been a major focus at the school for the last seven years and staff have had the opportunity to use the technology in their classroom, providing students with the guidance to get the most out of the devices to enhance their learning experience.

Students in these years attend school with an iPad to a minimum specification with the intent that the device lasts through Years Four, Five and Six at the School. St Anthony’s provides parents with a website to support the iPad program that contains links to the apps that need to be installed on the devices and support materials from Apple on device usage.

Students use their iPads over the course of the day across all learning areas at the discretion of the teacher depending on the learning activity. The use of iPads in the classroom is supported by a strong Digital Technologies program in the school that teaches students an understanding of cyber safety, the ability to find and use information, work in a collaborative learning environment, be producers of creative works and understand the social implications of Digital Technologies in society.

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St Anthony’s School students sign a Digital Technologies agreement that is supported by the Digital Technologies school policy.

The Student iPad Agreement can be found below.

SAW Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy 2017

SAW Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy 2017

Best Practise for iPads