Playgroup is held on Thursday mornings from 8.45am – 10.45am.

Contact:  Drina (Coordinator)
Mobile: 0438 956 147
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

playgroup logoLittle Joeys Play Group is a structured playgroup and follows set guidelines and routine. At the end of each term we have a themed party, celebrate Christmas & Easter with visitors like Santa & the Easter Bunny.

All information provided is from Play Group Australia website which the Little Joeys Playgroup adheres to. I have copied & pasted some of the main information below.

Playgroup is an informal session where mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers, children and babies meet together in a relaxed environment. Playgroups are set up and run by parents and caregivers, with children choosing from a range of activities set up to meet their varying needs. Activities at playgroup may include:

  • Music and singing
  • Imaginative play
  • Outdoor and free play
  • Art and craft activities
  • Outings

Playgroup can be held anywhere that is safe for children and where groups of people can meet - community and neighbourhood centres, health clinics, women's centres, preschools and kindergartens, church halls, parks and playgrounds, even in someone's house.

In a playgroup, parents and caregivers stay to interact with the other adults; and to play with the children.

No child is too young for playgroup. All children from 0-5 years, including babies, love new experiences and benefit from developing sensory, social and communication skills through activities at playgroup.

Children like playgroup because they can:

  • Participate in new experiences
  • Develop and increase their social skills
  • Learn sharing, co-operation and simple routines
  • Interact with other adults and children in a safe environment
  • Enjoy learning more about their world
  • Adults also benefit from playgroup - a time to talk, make friends and share experiences, while children learn through their play experiences.
  • Adults like playgroup because they can:
  • Meet other local families and develop new friendships
  • Relax and talk in a friendly environment
  • Share experiences and ideas
  • Play with children and nurture a spirit of co-operation
  • Take up opportunities for personal development

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