This term, the Kindy students have been busy learning about life on the farm. After brainstorming what we already know about farms, we made a list of the things we would like to find out. As a result, we discovered different machinery that can be used and talked about the jobs farmers have to do to keep their farm running smoothly. We also learnt about farm animals and their jobs and found out that not all farms have animals. These farms grow fruits and vegetables on them. We are also looking forward to going to Landsdale Farm School for our very first excursion next week.
The Kindy students have continued to enjoy the various activities occurring within the Kindergarten program. A cubby house and a farmer’s market have been created by the students with lots of fun times had inside them. Each week, we visit the school library and listen to special stories. We also get to enjoy the games and fun activities that Mrs Moynihan provides for us. Hymn Singing on Fridays has also been something the students love going to. This Friday, we are all excited about showing off our fabulous costumes for Book Week to the rest of the school!