In Year 2, we have been learning about Australia. We have looked at the different states and territories in Australia and landmarks that make our country special.

In our writing lessons, we are writing persuasive arguments. We are doing a fantastic job beginning our writing with sizzling starts to grab the attention of the reader!

Here are some of the great sizzling starts we have written:

“Neigh neigh” went the beautiful horses in the country. - Liliana
“Forget about winning” yelled Superman at one of his arch enemies as they fought in the sky. - Olivia

Is that a planet or a bird? Wait, it’s Superman! I thought he was not real. - Furaha

In STEM, we have been working hard in our groups to complete our challenges. Some of the activities we have  been doing are; coding bee bots and ozo bots, building spaghetti towers and creating LEGO house plans.