At the beginning of this term, we began our unit on Restoring Our Relationship. We learnt about our conscience, read bible stories, and discussed the elements of the Rite of Reconciliation. As the Year 3 students are making their First Reconciliation this week, we wish them all of God’s graces during this special time.

Our new unit of work is “Helped by the Word”. We began this unit, by discussing the differences between physical and inner strength. Once we had an understanding of these two types of strengths, we watched a short video about Nick Vijicic. This video gave us a real understanding of inner strength, how Nick grew his inner strength, the battles he faced and how he overcame adversity.

We also read “The Tortoise and The Hare”. This story deepened our understanding of both inner strength and physical strength. The moral of the story was to never give up, believe in yourself and even though you think you can’t win, always try your best until the end.  We are looking forward to the remainder of the unit.