The Year 5 classes have just completed the unit called Relationships Restored. We learnt about Jesus, God and our conscience.  We watched a video clip titled Pinocchio and Jimny Cricket – Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide.

Our conscience is the feeling within us that urges us to do the right thing.  We spoke about our thoughts and discussed examples of times we did the right thing, times when Jesus did the right thing or did something good to help others.
We learnt about the First Rite of Reconciliation and Second Rite of Reconciliation.  The priest takes the place of God when we receive the Rite of Reconciliation.  The priest absolves us from our sins.  The most important words said by the priest in the Absolution are:

       I absolve you from your sins,
       in the name of the Father
       and of the Son
       and of the Holy Spirit
The priest can never repeat what has been told in Reconciliation, under any circumstance.   This means that he can’t repeat whatever is told to him to anyone, including parents, teachers, other priests.  This is called The Seal of Confession.

We recalled the Act of Contrition/Prayer of Sorrow.  This prayer is said after the priest has given us our penance.  Penance can be a prayer to say or a good act to perform.