What a busy term we have had!

We spent four days at Nanga Bush Camp.  We had great fun and learnt so much about ourselves, our peers and what it takes to be good leaders.  Although we were exhausted by the end of the camp, we thought another night would have been great.
We have been learning to surf or body board over the last few weeks. It has been so exciting going to Trigg, learning about the ocean and trying our hand at surfing or body boarding.
In our classrooms, we have been setting ourselves some goals, making some very cool art, working hard in Maths and English.  In HASS we’ve been learning about the Westminster System, the Magna Carta and the different roles of the Federal, State/Territory and Local Governments.  Recognising safe and unsafe situations and feelings has been a key part of our Health lessons.
We hope to see everyone in something orange tomorrow to celebrate the cultural diversity here at St Anthony’s and the wider community.