Last Friday, the Year 6 classes coordinated the beautiful Remembrance Day service. On Tuesday of next week, both Year 6G and 6B classes will have  completed their exciting transition to High School Science program with Mrs Lombardo from Mater Dei College over the course of the semester. Tomorrow, our Year 6 students have prepared and auditioned students for the Talent Assembly and we congratulate the following students who have made it through to the Final:

Act 1.  Year 4: Tayana, Emily and Hayley - Dancing (Gimme that Swing)
Act 2. Year 6: Nick, Sean & Rylan - Magic
Act 3. Year 1 Kaylee, Michelle and Zahli - Gym
Act 4. Year 2 Dylan “Lush Life” - Singing
Act 5   Year 5  Maddie and Molly - Dancing
Act 6   Year 5  Ava - Singing
Act 7   Year 3 Lyla and Gracie - Musical
Next Monday, the new Principal of Mater Dei College Mrs Annette Morey, will present Ian Vincent o(Year 6) with his Academic Scholarship for 2018.

We are all busily still collecting  for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas and Clothing Appeal so please help the Great work of the Mini-Vinnies and donate to this great Charity and look for the Vinnies Clothing Bin in our school grounds near the Year 1 Rooms!