After our visit from the Monster Truck last week, in 6B we wrote some exciting sentence starters to begin our explanations on Dream Machines.


My bike has a time travel frame, huge wheels that take you a huge distance. A seat to buckle you up for take off. An automatic pedalling machine with space navigating handlebars with techno chains and gears.
I saw something it was as fast as lightning. The mysterious dream machine knocked me down then a doorway to another universe opened…
My bike has a time-travel frame, huge wheels that can take you a huge distance, automatic pedals and techno gears and chains. There was a flash and then a portal appeared…
My bike has laser beams and it is strong. The seat has a rocket with a king’s seat that has special chains on it. It also has a time travel feature, is waterproof and has wheels made out of gold and silver.
In class, we have also been looking at things more philosophically and we have discussed a number
of ideas and concepts about the values of learning, homework and going to Mass.
Here are some of our thoughts…
  • Homework, keeps my skills sharp.
  • I praise the Lord by saying a prayer before I go to bed.
  • I feel like Mass is something I want to go to since I live in a very religious family.
  • Mass, is being there with God and being part of the community.
  • I learn best by listening to the instructions at the start of the lesson.
  • I learn best by looking at various pictures to understand what is happening.
  • I learn best when the teacher represents the task in a way where I would be more inclined and interested to do the task.
In 6G we’ve also been learning to write 'sizzling starters' to our stories to really capture the reader’s imagination. Here are some examples:

It was my first day at a new school. I was nervous but I knew that my magic would always be beside me. Mum said that for my first day of school I should just act natural, but I wondered what would happen if I did do just a little bit of magic.

Bang! My eyes boomed open. A bright light shone over my head. Bang! This time it was even louder. My eyes adjusted to the light and in a flash I got sucked in!

I can’t keep it in, it’s haunted me my whole life. I don’t know if I should tell my mum… I’m afraid of cake. 

I want to tell my best friend that I’m a spy, but that’s classified and I could lose my job if I told anyone. It’s really tempting to say something, it’s killing me not being able to tell anyone.
Now with our imaginations fired up we can’t wait to write the rest of our stories!
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