Last week, we had the great experience of going to the Performing Arts Mass. Whilst we were there, we saw Archbishop Timothy Costelloe and many other schools. As we entered, we marched down the aisle with the school flag. First there was a liturgical dance, then we carried on with the Mass.  The church filled with silence as we all sat down to hear Archbishop Timothy Costelloe. We sang, had fun and prayed to God.

Lachlan, Anya, Morgan, Jack C & Keira
This term in Religion, the Year Six classes are learning about God who provides for all. So far we have been looking at how God can act through us to help those who are less fortunate. We have created posters to remind us of the many ways that we can help the members of God’s family.
Mr Wynne, Dr Topliss & Mrs Allan

God provides for all 25 Jul 2018 at 11 44 am