This term in Year Six we have been developing our skills in public leadership. We started off the term by revising the 4 Building Blocks of Leadership:
Presentation skills
We have also been learning about how to get organised by using a planner to see how effectively we are using our time out of school hours.
After leaning about organisation, Miss Brown set us some HOMEWORK! We each chose a personal and family chore that we could take responsibility for. Personal chores help us as individuals; for example, if you don’t take your dirty washing to the laundry then you will run out of clean clothes. Family chores help members of your family: if you don’t follow them then there are repercussions for other family members, for example, if you don’t feed your pet, it will go hungry (lots of us chose to take responsibility for feeding our pets).
All of these activities have helped us prepare for our House Athletics Carnival. On Wednesday afternoon we met with our House Teams and decided on how we can make sure the day is a success. We had to choose a goal for the day and work out what steps we can follow to achieve this goal. Here are some photos of us brainstorming ideas to ensure that we have a successful carnival day.

IMG 6664