Children are required by law to attend school on school days. All absentees should be phoned through to the school using the absentee line on 9303 7526 or calling the school number and select option 1 before 9:00am. If your child is going to be late to school because of an appointment, please ring the Absentee line and inform the school. The school will contact all parents whose children are not at school after this time via a text message. If a parent/carer of a student does not notify the school, an SMS is sent to the parent/carer notifying of the student’s non-attendance. If the parent/carer does not respond to the SMS, the school will contact the parent/carer to verify the student’s whereabouts.

On return to school a written note must accompany the child giving reasons for the absence. Written notes should be sent to school immediately after any absence. Parents may use an absent note proforma, write their own note or send an email from the email address registered with the school. Absentee notes must include date, reason for absence, the child’s full name and a parent / guardian’s signature. Note proformas are in the back of student diaries (Year 1-3).

Parents of students who know they will be absent in advance must complete a leave form to signify days that the student will be absent and are required to collect work for the period from their teacher(s). Students going on extended leave must fill out a Leave of Absence Form to hand in to the school office prior to the extended absence. http://www.saw.wa.edu.au/images/content/School%20Info/Forms/Leave_of_Absence.pdf

Non-attendance is followed up in several ways:

  • Students who attend holidays with their parents must fill out a leave form to signify days that the student will be absent and work is set by the teacher. Parents are responsible for communicating with the teacher and following up this work with their child.

  • Reminder forms are sent out to parents who do not send in an absentee note.

  • Follow up is conducted by Assistant Principals at various times during each term. Normally a phone call or meeting for parents who do not comply.

  • Principal conducts an interview with parents to determine issue. A resolution is determined and acted upon.

  • Attendance information is included in each child's semester report. 


The school day begins at 8:35am each morning. This is the time that children need to be in class. There is a warning bell at 8:25am that will inform the teachers to open their doors. Children are not permitted onto the school grounds before 8:10am unless they are participating in a scheduled school activity. Students should also not be left outside the school gates unattended. 

Kindergarten and 3+ Program students are to be supervised by parents and carers until they are admitted into the classroom at 9am.  

The gates will be locked at 9am each morning but anyone arriving after 8:30am will be asked to collect a late note from the office. All late arrivals should enter via the office to receive this late note. Kindergarten operate on a different timetable and this has already been explained to them.

Parents who wait with their children before school must ensure that they are being fully supervised, otherwise all children are to remain in the undercover area, the grassed area near the basketball/netball courts or the courtyard near the school administration. Due to the confined spaces near the classrooms we request that children supervised by their parents do not play in these areas. 

The school gates will be locked during the day and the only entry into the school will be through the administration building. The gates are opened at 2:30pm each day and parents are welcome to sit and wait for their children in the school grounds. We would request that you do not enter the undercover area if a lesson is in progress for the safety of the children and yourself.

Supervision for pickup occurs from 2:50pm to 3:10pm.  Any students remaining at the pick-up area at 3.10pm are taken to the school office where parents and carers can collect and sign them out.

8:10am Gates Open (supervision commences) School Office Opens
8:25am Classrooms open
8.35am School Day Commences
9:00am Kindergarten Commences
10.35am —10:50am Recess
12.30pm —1.10pm Lunch
2:40pm Kindergarten Concludes
2.50pm End of School Day
3:10pm Supervision Ends


Playground equipment is out of bounds before and after school  until all students not involved in after school programs have been collected.  Students who are waiting for extracurricular activities with their parents/carers after 3.20pm are able to use the playground areas only under the direct supervision of their parents or carers.  (Before school handball after 8.10am up until the commencement bell is permitted).


The school office is open between 8.10am – 3.30pm daily. Telephone messages for children should be restricted to URGENT messages only.  Please note that if you ring the office you may need to leave a message as office staff may be busy dealing with others.