St Anthony’s School uses consistent programs, across the year levels, to deliver quality educational programs to our students.

Subject Area Program Year Levels
Religious Education CEWA Early Years Religious Education Program “Let the Little Children Come to Me” . Kindergarten
CEWA Religious Education Units of Work Pre-Primary to Year 6
Literacy Diana Rigg Whole School Literacy Strategy 3+ to Year 6
Reading Eggs PP to Y3
Lexile Reading Program Year 3 to 6
Peggy Lego Kindergarten to Pre-primary
Numeracy Stepping Stones Maths Kindergarten to Year 6
Manga High Maths Year 3 to 6
Science Primary Connections Program Pre-primary to Year 6

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum
SDERA Health Resource Program

Pre-Primary to Year 6



St Anthony’s School Aboriginal Education Plan Summary                                                                


PADUA Values

We will each give our Personal best.

We will each model faith in Action.

We will embrace Diversity and difference.

We will be United. We will Appreciate and respect each person equally.

-       Students participate in activities in various curriculum areas in order to demonstrate a greater awareness and understanding of the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people.

-       Celebrations including Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation day are celebrated through whole school events/incursions/class activities. 


-       Parents and carers are made aware of the personal learning goals set for their child and their progress.

-       The Aboriginal history of the local Wanneroo area is promoted.

-       Local Aboriginal leaders are invited to speak at relevant school events.


-       Staff are provided with opportunities for professional development in order to gain a wider knowledge of the Aboriginal culture and the resources available to them within the school and local community.

-       They are involved in the planning, coordinating and participation of celebrations including Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation day.

-        Staff work closely with students, parents and coordinators in order to ensure students are set achievable goals which are reviewed each term.

-       Staff plan to integrate cultural awareness across relevant learning areas.


An eclectic resource approach is used for subject areas not listed above.