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Terry Prunster

Terry Prunster

Terry Prunster was a student who made an impact simply by his warm and generous nature – a good example to follow.

On the 29th June 1991, the life of Terry Prunster was tragically lost as a result of a boating accident near Coral Bay. In his ten short years, he had become well known to many in the St Anthony’s Community simply by being the kind of boy who enjoyed life and was a friend to all who were fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting him. Terry was regarded by his classmates as “a good friend” and “a good sport”. Terry was not outstanding in any area of the school’s diverse activities, but he always participated to the best of his ability and he did so with a sense of fun and enjoyment. In short, Terry Prunster was a student who made an impact simply by his warm and generous nature – a good example to follow.

Terry Prunster Memorial Scholarship

Following the loss of Terry to the School and Parish Community, St Anthony’s School Board decided to commemorate his memory by the establishment of the Terry Prunster Memorial Scholarship.The purpose of the scholarship is to assist a student from St Anthony’s School, to progress to Year 7 at a Catholic Secondary College within the Archdiocese of Perth. The scholarship is made available to all students who attend St Anthony’s School Wanneroo and the value of the scholarship is up to $2500 per annum. This scholarship is awarded annually to a Year 6 student who fits the criteria set down by the trust. In 2009, two Scholarship were awarded as both Year 7s and Year 6s progressed to high school for the first time.

The scholarship will be only for the duration of one year. The scholarship will be funded from interest earned on investment of funds in the Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Donations towards this fund are always greatly accepted and further information can be received by clicking on email and sending us your email address and your contact details.

Previous Recipients

  • 1993 Sarah Kelly
  • 1994 Anthony O’Connell
  • 1995 Sara Danzi
  • 1996 Amy Sinagra
  • 1997 David Cosentino
  • 1998 Eliza Borrello
  • 1999 Luke Tedesco
  • 2000 Albert Borrello
  • 2001 Jack Dulyba
  • 2002 Annmarie La Rosa
  • 2003 Rebecca Burke
  • 2004 Imogen Boman
  • 2005 Chantal Applebee
  • 2006 Ryan Coci
  • 2007 Lisa Lenzo
  • 2008 Zachary Ikin
  • 2009 Shannon & Breanna Kelly, Noah Ivilich
  • 2010 Erin Lynch
  • 2011 Tiffany Deacon
  • 2012 Abigail Maroney
  • 2013 Kelly Shenton
  • 2014 Cullan
  • 2015 Lachlan Moroney
  • 2016 Beth Gauntlett
  • 2017 Helen Barker
  • 2018 Rori Agacy
  • 2019 Diego Marraffa
  • 2020 Sophie Kilgallon