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Pick Up & Drop Off Info

Before School Drop Off

At 8:10am the school gates are opened. Students are then able to enter the school where a staff member will be on duty. Students are to wait in the undercover area or quadrangle, students are asked not to run around in these areas. Year One and Two students are allowed to play on the grassed area between the Junior Block and the basketball courts and handball games are acceptable. Students are not to play with or on any other equipment.

Pre Primary and Kindergarten students are not to be left unattended. Pre Primary students may wait with an older sibling in the undercover area and can then be taken to the Pre Primary once the bell rings. They are to be accompanied by the sibling to the Pre Primary where they can help them with their bag and drop them into the Pre Primary classroom. Pre Primary and Kindergarten students are not to play on or with any equipment. They may play on the grassed areas.

After School Pick Up

There are a number of different options for parents to collect children at the conclusion of school each day.

  • Park and wait for children outside of their classroom.
  • Use the pick up line located in the Church Car Park (students in Year 1 -6 with no Kindergarten or Pre Primary siblings)
  • Use pick up line located in the Padua Car Park at back of school (students in Kindergarten, Pre-primary and their siblings. Siblings of Kindergarten students must also be picked up from this car park on non-Kindergarten days.
  • Students may walk, ride their bike or catch the bus. These students are to meet the staff member on duty outside the Library. The staff on duty will walk these students out of school and down to Wanneroo road where they will wait until they have crossed the road.

Please note that children not with a parent or walking, riding or catching the bus must wait on the grassed area behind the Church car park pick up area. At 3:10pm these children will then be escorted by the staff on duty to the front office where parents can pick them up.

Pick Up Line

Please note that the yellow pick-up line is the only area where vehicles should stop and allow their children to disembark, as it is the designated safe area. When dropping children off in the morning, please drive to the end of the yellow marked area as it allows for more vehicles to fit in, allowing traffic to flow, and be less congested and safe. When picking children up at the end of the day, the process of waiting to be called forward will be used as it allows children’s pickups to be identified and directed to parent vehicles. Each vehicle must have the child’s family name clearly displayed on the sun visor to assist staff to prepare students for pickup. We recommend that these are typed and printed using large bold letters.

When leaving the Church Car Park, please remember that vehicles on the outside loop have right of way.  We want the traffic to flow smoothly and can only do this if the pick-up line has the right of way.  If you park in the parking bays then you must give way to those parents in the pick up lane.

Remember to turn LEFT when leaving the Church Car Park and using Cafaggio Crescent to leave the school precinct.  With over 300 families, and with most of these driving their students to and from school, traffic congestion continues to be a big issue.  Please turn left and keep the traffic flowing. Parents who turn right add to the congestion at the roundabout and cause the entire system to become a bottleneck at this point.

DO NOT use this yellow pick up area if….

  • You have to pick up equipment such as bikes, or other large or awkward items.
  • Your child can only enter your vehicle from the driver’s side.
  • You are towing a trailer.
  • You are driving a large truck.
  • You are driving a motorbike or scooter.

Staff Parking Bays

There are designated parking areas for staff that are clearly marked “STAFF”. Please do not park in these areas as we have a number of part time staff who do not commence until after the school day begins.

Wet Weather Pick Up

When the possibility of rain during pickup is highly probable, the normal pickup procedures will not apply. You will receive a text message informing you of the wet weather pickup. The sign will also be placed at the entrance to the church car park. You MUST NOT park in the yellow pick up areas during this time. Parent