The Religious Education Units of Work teaching process in each unit of work covered by the teachers has three (3) steps.    A, B and C.

A) Wondering at the creator

B) The promise of Christian Salvation

C) Christian response.

A) Through wondering at the creator students;

  • wonder at experiences of being human.
  • wonder at the religious meaning of these experiences.
  • understand what these experiences reveal about God.

B) Through studying the promise of Christian Salvation students;

  • examine how Christ models the Christian Promise.
  • reflect on how Christ empowers all people to live like him.

C) Students then respond to their studies through a Christian Response.  They;

  • examine how Christ’s power is experienced through his Church.
  • examine the person Christ empowers the believer to become.
  • continue to wonder at Christian possibilities.

Teachers will keep parents/guardians informed on an ongoing basis as to the content of their child’s Religious Education program.  The Religious Education curriculum at St Anthony’s School is mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia.  It has priority in all planning and development of classroom timetables.  Also mandated by the bishops is a minimum teaching time of fifteen minutes per day in Pre-Primary and Year 1 and thirty minutes per day for other primary classes.  Liturgies, prayer and retreat experiences do not form part of the Religious Education curriculum and time given to these is not taken from the mandated teaching time.