There are a number of specialist teachers in the school to support the classroom teacher from Pre Primary – Year 6.

Physical Education Mrs Shakespeare
Science Mrs Walker
Italian Signora LoRegio
Music  Mrs Aylmore
Visual Art Mrs Luca

These teachers work together with class teachers to support learning in each year level.

Physical Education Program

The school program offers a wide range of sporting activities including Gym Sports, Team Games, Athletics and Striking Sports such as tennis and squash.
Early childhood classes focus on fundamental movement skills, movement sequences, rhythmic and expressive activities, object control and simple games.
Students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to represent the school in athletics, cricket, basketball, swimming, winter sports and cross country carnivals.
All Students participate in dancing classes and aquatics (Education Department In Term Swimming Program for Pre Primary to Year 5 and a Surfing Program for Year 6).

The school has both a Faction Swimming Carnival for Years 4-6 and a Faction Athletics Carnival for all students from Year 1. Children in Year 6 compete for champion boy and girl medals in both events.

Pre primary and Kindergarten have their own mini athletics carnival with running events and team games.

The Parents and Friends organize a fund raising Fun Run event which also serves as our school cross country competition.

Extracurricular Activities

The school has a swim club that meets two mornings per week at our local pool throughout the year. Training runs for 16 weeks each semester with coaching from our club coach. There are limited places available and students have to achieve level 5 before applying to join.*
Tennis coaching is available two mornings and one afternoon per week for all age groups.*
Soccer skills sessions are provided on the school premises before school in six week blocks for the younger students.*
A Parent coordinator organises school netball teams to participate in the local Saturday competition at Kingsway. The teams operate with the assistance of parents who coach the teams.*
A variety of sporting sessions such as running, badminton and table tennis are offered throughout the year.

* additional cost involved


St Anthony’s School offers a Specialist Science program for students in Pre Primary to Year 6 that develops skills in Science Understanding; Science as a Human Endeavour; and Science Inquiry Skills.

Students experience a wide range of hands-on learning activities in the areas of Earth and Space, Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences. The program allows students the opportunity to develop questioning skills, acquire knew knowledge and explore and explain phenomena. They work in structured, collaborative learning teams helping them to develop essential life skills. Students are encouraged to have a go, share their thoughts and question everyday events.

Students become aware of the role of Science as a human endeavour and the valuable contributions Scientists make to our personal, social and economical lives.


St Anthony’s School offers a music specialist program for all students in Pre Primary to Year 6.

Technology is utilised within the specialist music program with students using iPads to expand their musical knowledge and also to create and evaluate their own work and the works of others.
All students have an opportunity to perform during the Easter and Christmas celebrations held at the school each year. Every student also participates in 30 minutes a week of whole school singing.
Students from Years 3-6 have the opportunity to represent the school in the St Anthony’s School Choir, which performs at numerous school events throughout the year. In addition, the choir also participates at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and many celebrations held at the St Anthony’s Parish.
Students are also provided with the opportunity to do small group lessons of guitar or keyboard*. These are held after school hours. Students participating in extra curricular music lessons also perform in a small end of year concert during lesson time that gives them an opportunity to share and highlight their talents.

*Additional cost involved

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at St Anthony's allows the students to acquire the skills and techniques to enable them to express their ideas creatively and with confidence. They are given every opportunity to express their ideas in a calm and non threatening environment.

The program aims to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and problem solving techniques to ensure that students grow in curiosity, imagination and enjoyment. They will be encouraged to always have a go and to share their thoughts and feelings. They develop art knowledge and inquiry processes and acquire critical and creative thinking to shape their own ideas.

They become aware of the role of visual arts in human experience and learn to respect diverse roles, traditions, histories and cultures. During the year, the students will look at artworks by Australian ( including Aboriginal works ) and international artists so as to be inspired to create their own works based on well known artists.

Students participate in various art activities using numerous: media-pencils, crayons, black pens, coloured pencils, textas, paints, computing, paper, clay;
techniques - drawing, painting, collage, decoupage, mosaic, sculpting, printing; processes-and skills- cutting, hand building, coiling with clay.

The students learn to value, respond to and evaluate the work produced by themselves, their peers and society at large.

Their artwork is displayed in class and a selection is framed and exhibited in the office area. They are encouraged to enter their work into exhibitions in and around Wanneroo and beyond.



Inspire is the St Anthony’s School enrichment program available to selected students from Year 3 to Year 6.  It is designed to extend children through a variety of task-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) investigations. This is achieved via a learning program that enhances each child’s God-given gifts and talents through;

  • Innovation
  • Nature
  • Society
  • Persistence
  • Ingenuity
  • Research
  • Education

Student Selection:

Students from Years 3 to 6 are eligible to participate in the Inspire Program.  The selection process is conducted in Term 4 in Years 2 to 5 in preparation for the following year.  Students are selected to participate in the program based on the following:

  • The AGAT national assessment test conducted at the end of each school year.
  • The Abstract Reasoning Test
  • Teacher recommendations and class-based assessment.

Please note students may change each year depending on test results and teacher recommendations.


Students attend Inspire for one 50-minute session a week, during normal class time.

Year 3 and Year 4 students – first session.

Year 5 and Year 6 students – second session.



Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an intensive early intervention program, individually targeting the most vulnerable readers and writers in Years 1 and 2. This program has been successfully implemented in Australian schools for over twenty years and is continually monitored. Selected students have individual, daily 30 minute lessons with a specifically trained Reading Recovery teacher, tailored individually to their specific needs. The intervention program runs for between 12 and 20 weeks, aiming at improving reading achievement to that of the class average. The daily lessons include reading, word work on specific letter and sounds knowledge and writing. Students enjoy participating in the program as they have success due to the one on one support of literacy tasks, at their specific level.


The Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Program is a comprehensive small group early intervention program that clearly targets the specific mathematical learning needs of vulnerable Year 2 students. A group of 3 students participate in daily 40 minutes lessons with a qualified intervention teacher. The program provides personalised intensive instruction to address gaps in mathematical understanding. The EMU program runs for between 10 and 20 weeks and aims to accelerate mathematical learning so they are then able to participate in the class program. Students enjoy participating in the hands-on and game based mathematical tasks that are the core feature of the daily lessons.

Levelled Literacy Intervention

Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a short term small group intervention program that provides regular instruction which supplements classroom literacy learning.  This is targeted at a child's specific reading level.