3+ Application Form


“Learning through play, having fun each day!”

We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year. Our primary focus will be on creating a smooth transition from home to the school environment and ensuring your child feels safe and happy in our care.

Our program will be based on The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and aims to encourage children to form new friendships and develop their emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills in preparation for kindergarten.

Activities will include singing and dancing, stories and a range of sensory, play based and craft activities. Outdoor play and snack time will provide opportunities for socialisation and belonging. The children will be encouraged to make their own choices, foster independence and express their creativity as much as possible.

The afternoon session will include a rest period, where the children can have a rest if needed. Children who don’t require a rest will be engaged in other activities.

Yellow 3+ T–shirts are available from the school uniform shop should you wish to purchase one. Please ensure you dress your child for 3+ Kindy in comfortable, practical clothing that can be easily removed for toileting. Please also bear in mind that despite our best efforts, paint can get on clothes, so no “good” clothes at 3+ please!
For each session your child will need:

  • A hat (school hat is optional)
  • A piece of fruit cut up in a container
  • A drink bottle of water
  • A packed lunch (please try to choose healthy options)
  • Two changes of clothing in case of accidents
  • A small pillow for rest time
  • A large school bag (big enough to carry everything home in!)


Each child is also asked to bring in a box of tissues.

Session time: TUESDAYS 9.00am– 2.30pm

Drop off and pick up will be at the door on the playground side of the Kindy building. Kiss and ride will not be used for 3+ Kindy children.

When you bring your child to 3+ Kindy, you are welcome to stay for a puzzle or story. Once your child is settled, please kiss them goodbye and gently reassure them you will be back to pick them up at home time.

The children settle quickly once parents have left, and we will always ring you if there are any problems. Please try to arrive on time at the end of the session, to avoid the children becoming stressed.

We hope you and your child will have an enjoyable year!

Class Teacher: Mrs Tania King
Teacher Assistant: Mrs Carley Bunce