In Kindergarten this term, the students have been learning about the Colours of Our World and Easter. God’s wonderful creation is full of beautiful colours. We can admire them in flowers, nature and even in each other. We have created our own colourful insects with collage materials and painted flowers on our windows. We even had a go at designing our very own creatures! The Kindy classes planted petunia seedlings and were asked to predict what colours the flowers might become. We also discussed what they need to be able to grow successfully. When we read the Creation story from the Bible, we discovered how clever God is to make so many different creatures with so many features and colours.
The last weeks of term see us focusing on Easter. As it is the most important time of the year, we have looked into the special days of Holy Week and the real reason why we celebrate Easter Sunday. Even though it is so much fun having Easter egg hunts and eating lots of chocolate eggs, it is important for us to remember that Jesus died and rose again for us. As part of our learning, we have made beautiful class murals and displays that include many symbols of Easter, such as crosses, palm leaves and chalices.
All the staff and students of Kindy Gold and Kindy Blue wish everyone a blessed Easter and a joyful holiday break!