This term our Year 3 students participated in NAPLAN - The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, which is a series of tests focused on basic skills that are administered annually to Australian students. We were extremely proud of our students as they entered the classroom each day with a positive attitude.
In Writing, we focused on revising both Narratives and Persuasive Writing. The students have been working on adding more detail to their writing and building on the foundations they have already learnt.
In Design and Technology, we have been developing our Microsoft Word Skills. The students have been learning how to create and save documents and are currently working on a ‘All About Me’ project.
In Religious Education we have been discussing the importance of prayer and the different ways people might go about praying as an individual and within a group. 
In Mathematics we have been looking at number partitioning. We have been using number lines to assist us to add and subtract numbers using our partitioning skills to make the addition and subtraction easier.
In Health we have had a focus in emotions. We have explored how all types of emotions are normal and that different emotions have different triggers and indicators. The students have put together their own ‘toolbox’ with a focus on what helps them to feel better when they aren’t feeling that great.