In Writing, we have been busy writing narratives with a “sizzling start”, a setting, a problem and a solution. The students have written some very creative narratives and have added details and adjectives to entertain their readers. We have had a focus on the planning process when writing a narrative.
In Design and Technology, we have researched a variety of paper plane designs and have used this knowledge to design, create and test our own paper planes. We flew our paper planes and compared the difference in material and design and how this might impact the distance which they were able to travel. 
In Religious Education we discussed how each family is a unique community, with different traditions, languages, culture and history. We identified some of the special ways our families interact with each other and drew them on our family shields. 
In Mathematics we have been comparing two and three-digit numbers. We represented these numbers on number lines and learnt how to round three-digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.