Parents beware! This term, your child may come home with a barrage of points to persuade you to cook something or to have a pet and back it up with researched topics on the positive effects of healthy eating, as we have covered persuasive, procedural and report writing in English.
In Health, we looked at being safe in Road Safety, Drug Awareness (Caffeine and Tobacco) and Media Classifications. Be prepared if your child says drinking coffee/coke while driving or watching non-child appropriate movies is a no-no. They might discuss home/school rules and laws as covered in our HASS lessons. Do ask them about some of the weird and obscure rules that still exist in Australia. They also used their creative talents to design a family crest.
We multiplied our mathematical knowledge through heaps of multiplication strategies, looked at calculating time and understanding graphs. After some research in Design and Technology, we can now tell you the process taken to get milk and honey from the farm to your plate at home. Here are some work samples.