Over the past couple of weeks is has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm the Year 4s displayed towards their swimming lessons; with many making great improvements. 

In Literacy we have been fine-tuning our report writing skills, which we will be using when looking at technology, where we are learning about food and fibre and what happens to our food when it leaves a farmer’s paddock. It will also be interesting to learn about products we import and export. 

In Maths, we are busy practicing our nine and four times-tables, revising equivalent fractions and looking at tessellations. 

In HASS we have been learning about the first inhabitants of Australia, drawing timelines and we will be researching famous explorers like Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama and Captain James Cook.

Last week, we were very lucky to be invited to Mater Dei for a science morning. We had a wonderful time working with magnets, measuring and pouring different coloured solutions as well as looking under microscopes at the cells on leaves. 

Below are some pictures of our excursion and our work.