In Term 4, we welcome Mr Dale Dickson, Ms Hope Jordan and Mrs Emma Tie who are working with us for 5 weeks. 
We have also been busy trying out the Words Their Way Spelling program which has a strong phonetics-base and writing creative narratives in English. In HASS, we are learning about “Rules and Laws” and how each level of government (Local, State and Federal) has its own areas of responsibility. We have even found out who our new local Mayor is. 
Last week we finished our unit on History and celebrated it with an excursion to the Fremantle Shipwrecks Museum. We learned about how the Dutch, in their desire to search for spices in Indonesia, ended up exploring and charting the coast of Western Australia. They gave Rottnest the name “Rats’ Nest” due to our marsupials (quokkas) which they thought were large rats. We also looked at the famous Dutch wreck, The Batavia. After an exciting day, the trip back to school was a quieter version of the morning’s excitable trip to the museum. 
In Health we are looking at ways to maintain a healthy body; eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, having enough sleep, maintaining good hygiene and keeping up with regular dental and medical appointments.
Below are some pictures of our exciting start to the term.